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Graceway Kids

We see young people as both the future and present of the church.  Raising up our children as followers of Jesus is among the greatest of our priorities.  With parents as the primary disciplers of their own kids, Graceway seeks to come alongside and support the parents by cultivating and supplementing the Biblical learning that is taking place in the home.  

When young people are engaged by parents and spiritual mentors, and given opportunities to practice their faith and responsibility, will carry their faith into their adult years.

For children in the early and elementary years, Graceway offers engaging and interactive Bible lessons with materials that can be taken home for further engagement with parent and child.  Members of the church take turns teaching the children a lesson each week.

For youth in middle and high school, Graceway encourages engagement in the mobile church setting, offers opportunity for service and leadership development, and also creates special events and gatherings specifically for the youth.

In a recent study

that followed youth up through the age of 29, it was found that only 25% of children that were raised in the Christian faith actually stayed connected with Christ. 


All the youth that stayed connected to Jesus had 5 things in common:

1.) They ate at least 5 of 7 nights a week as a family.

2.) They served WITH their families in a ministry.


3.) They had one spiritual experience in their home during the week.


4.) They were entrusted with responsibility in ministry at an early age.


5.) They had at least one faith focused adult in their lives, other than their parents.

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