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Community Pillars

In Acts 2:42, the Scripture lays out four main principles of being engaged followers of Jesus.  We have come to see these things as the pillars of our community of believers.  The beautiful thing about these pillars is that they are simultaneously simple and cross cultural; which makes them meaningful and relevant no matter who you are or where you are from.  These pillars are easy to practice, and at the same time lead people on a path of discipleship and community that fosters the power of the Holy Spirit and transforms lives.

These pillars are:


Scripture reading, partnership, sharing meals, and prayer.

The most common way we practice these pillars is in our weekly gatherings for worship, what we call mobile church.

What is a mobile church?

A mobile church is a small community or team of disciples commissioned by a local church to be the seed of the Kingdom of God.  Mobile churches operate in a local or cross cultural context by the calling and commissioning of ambassadors/missionaries.  The format of gathering can take place in homes or common areas, and the mission is to be light and salt, and be the dwelling place of Christ in the community, by practicing the pattern of meeting via the four pillars of Acts 2:42, in a targeted demographic.

What are the tenants of a mobile church?

       Two or more committed partners. (Matthew 18:20)

       Public reading of Scripture and studying in community. (1 Timothy 4:13)

       Partnership with one another in a family model. (1 John 3:1)

       Practicing communion and sharing of meals. (1 Corinthians 11:26)

       Praying and praising God with one another.  (James 5:13)

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