Community Groups

At Graceway we strongly believe that the heart of the church is in community. Without being together, we cannot be who we are called to be, or grow into who Christ is making us into. We encourage everyone at Graceway to be part of a community group to share their life and faith with one another at a deeper level.

Graceway Kids

The Graceway Kids team works together to produce fun and interactive Bible lessons and games for kids from birth to 12 years.Roles range from behind the scenes prep, to interacting directly with the children and teaching them about Jesus.

To sign up, please fill out this form: Graceway Kids Team Signup

Guest Services

If you love people, Guest Services is the place for you. As part of the team, you have the opportunity to greet guests as they arrive, welcome first time guests, help guests find their seats/facilities, cafe/refreshment set up, etc.

Campus Support

The Campus Support team assists in ensuring the campus is running smoothly. Roles range from connecting people to the campus, security, cleaning, set-up, tear down, maintenance, etc.


The Production team helps to create smooth-running services. The team roles include both technical and non-technical opportunities and no prior experience is necessary.

To sign up, please fill out this form: Production Team Signup

Worship Arts

The Worship Arts team works together to lead the services in a worshipful experience through music and other artful expressions.

Outreach/Special Events

Outreach and Special Events make for a great opportunity to impact our communities. This team works together to help coordinate and execute events that reach beyond the Graceway community.