Ed Pichette

I received the call to serve in ministry back in my senior year of high school. While it was not an audible voice, or even a specific instruction, the call resounded clearly in my heart, and was unavoidable. Since then it has been a wild ride.

Sly and I have been married since 2004, and we love having our home full of family, friends and laughter and love. Our kid count has been known to vary, depending on how many foster children are with us, but we do know that two faces seem to stick around, so those must belong to us.

I love spending time with people and learning about each individual’s unique story and experiences. I believe that we all have our own special way of seeing things, and contributing to the community; and that being able to share in the experiences that each person brings to the table is a gift. One of my greatest burdens is to see the Church of Jesus Christ come together and operate in strength and unity, outside of the limitations of separate church entities. Although healthy relationships and conflict resolution in the Church are often left in want, I believe that these are crucial factors for discipleship, revival, and communal transformation.

Clark Alexander

Clark Alexander was born in 1962 in West Palm Breach, FL to David and Francis Alexander. Since his father was in the U.S. Air Force, Clark traveled extensively in the United States and Europe. He was baptized into Christ in 1976 at Manhattan Ave. Church of Christ, in Tampa, FL.

Upon graduating high school in Glen, MS, Clark attended Memphis State University, during which he served in the Air Force Reserves, and then entered the U.S. Navy as active duty enlisted. During all of his traveling, it had never ceased to amaze him that people worldwide are aware of and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth – but in vastly different styles.

Clark has a Master of Science degree in Labor Relations/Training and Education from the University of Rhode Island and another in Network Security from Capitol College. He has served this congregation in a pastoral role since the early 2000′s.

Clark lives in Newport with Lucina, his lovely wife of 22 years.

Clark’s life passage is Philippians 4:13

Auder Aldana

Pastor Auder is a graduate of Rhode Island College, and has been serving our youth since 2015. He is passionate for youth and desires to share that passion to see young people come alive and on fire for Christ. Along with serving at Graceway Church, Auder pioneers his own clothing brand and is often found traveling with his camera in hand tracking down the next epic photo.