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Our Mission

Teach, Train and Equip People to Love One Another.

The Kingdom of heaven is an ever expanding influence in our world.  As the prophet Isaiah said, "of the increase there shall be no end."  We believe that as Christ has come into our heart, it continues to expand and we have now become active participants in this ever increasing influence.  Jesus compared His Kingdom to a little measure of yeast that was mixed into the entire batch of dough, and the whole batch was changed!

We embrace this ever increasing influence of Christ, knowing that everything it touches is transformed.   As our knowledge and relationship with Jesus deepens, our mission is to help others experience the same thing.   We love watching the power and love of God transform lives before our very eyes!

Our Vision is Transformation

Anything that God touches changes.  As we live out our mission in the power of the Holy Spirit and partnership with one another, we see transformation.  

In Practice

One of the ways we embark in our mission is how we gather for worship.  Rather than a more traditional approach, our desire is to bring our fellowship into spaces where those whom we have a burden to reach, become our neighbors.  In this way, we can actively "mix in" the influence of the Kingdom by sharing Jesus' love as a church.  We call these gatherings mobile church, because they are based on the four simple pillars found in Scripture, and can be practiced anywhere and in various ways.

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